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1940 Stearman A75N1

Stearman N63035, model A75N1, serial 75-374 was built in 1940, one of the 150 aircraft in the first order of PT 17’s for the US Army. It was accepted and assigned to Love Field, Dallas, TX. Afterwards there ensured a variety of assignments in Georgia and Florida. It was stricken from the US Army records on June 25, 1945 at Eagle Field, Dos Palos, California.

After many years in storage, it was purchased as a project by Dick Aaron, a retired Hyster corporate engineer, in 1999 at Shafter Field near Bakersfield, CA. Considerable restoration work had already been accomplished on the airframe providing a good foundation for the completion of the restoration by Dick. It appears from the FAA records that very little activity was recorded from the early fifties to present substantiating our belief that the airplane was not used as a duster but was in storage. The original civil logbook from 1946 to 1952 reflects 4,153.35 hours when the aircraft was sold surplus in 1946. The current total time is 5,085.00 hours.

The current aircraft description is as follows:

New wood lower wings were constructed; the upper wings and center section have no history but are airworthy and were retained. The airframe was media cleaned and primered with epoxy green primer. New parts include: control cables, bearings, pulleys, fairleads, panel shock mounts, firewall, windshields, tires, tubes, wiring, navigation lights (no strobes), seat belts, shoulder harnesses, baggage canvas, battery, ELT, Sensenich propeller, and AN hardware. The front and rear cockpit instruments were overhauled. A control lock was installed. The Continental W670 engine and accessories, including the Eclipse electric inertia starter, were overhauled by Aero Engines of Los Angeles. The current time since the overhaul of the engine and aircraft is 28 hours. STC’s include Redline brakes, Jasco alternator, and regulator, and Jacobs shielded ignition harness. A Becker Com radio and sigtronics intercom was installed. The aircraft was covered in the Poly-Fiber process with Aerothane finish. Dick was a navy guy so the plane was finished in a pre-war navy scheme.

The aircraft was completed at Big Sky Stearman under our supervision. The aircraft was inspected for conformity and issued a Standard Airworthiness Certificate on September 12, 2002. Photos follow.

John Pike


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