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Welcome to the Big Sky Stearman Website! We have a great record, with more than 40 years experience providing the Stearman owner/operator with services to repair his wooden wings by using owner produced parts and FAA/PMA parts. We are a source for aircraft-quality Douglas Fir wing spars. Come check us out today!

Big Sky Stearman Project Listing


Current Projects:

1929 CH300 Bellanca Pacemaker   Canada Pacemaker

FOR SALE: 450 4-Aileron Stearman  

450 Stearman
FOR SALE: 1959 PA23-160 Apache   Apache

FOR SALE: Stinson L5 Wing Kits  


Howard DGA-15P  

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Cessna UC78 Bobcat "Bamboo Bomber"  

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Past Projects:

4-Aileron Stock Stearman  

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President George Bush the Elder Stearman Wing Build  

Bush Wing Build
Stinson L5   Staggerwing

Waco UPF-7  


FEATURED: "Ghost Ship" Custom Build  

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Cessna C34 Airmaster Wing Spars  

Callair Fuselage Repair  

RESTORATION COMPLETE! 1947 Stinson 108-3  

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Creation Explorer Sea Plane Tender  

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Creation Explorer
Peggy the Wing-Walker  
Big Sky completed STC'd set of Wings for her.  

1936 EQC-6 Custom Waco Wings  

1929 CH 300 Bellanca Pacemaker   Bellanca

1938 Beechcraft E17 Staggerwing  

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1941 Piper J5   J5
1931 Great Lakes Biplane   Great Lakes
1937 Fairchild F46   F46
Piper J3 Cub   Cub
450 Stearman   450
1942 Ryan PT-22 Recruit   Ryan
1961 Hawker Jet 1A    Hawker

1950 Super Stinson  

Stearman A75N1   Stearman N63035
Army Stearman   Army
1946 Aeronca Chief   Chief
*Award Winning* Custom Stearman   Purple Pssion
1946 Aeronca Champ  
Navy Stearman   Navy
1928 Travelair Biplane   Travelair

Stearman A75N1  

  *Award Winning* Screamin' Eagle 450 Stearman   Screamin' Eagle
  *Award Winning* Custom Stearman   Custom
First Stearman restoration project, 1977   First

Stinson L-5 Liaison  



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