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"Bamboo Bomber" Cessna UC78 / T-50 Bobcat - Big Sky's FIRST T-50 EMPENAGE COMPLETION

1. Using an old front spar a fixture was developed to laminate a new one.

2. Spruce laminates were laid up in the fixture.

3. Rough front spar laminate retrieved from the fixture.

4. Rear spar laminates were glued together on the laminating table.

5. When disassembled, the original horizontal stabilizer revealed the abuse it had taken over the years.
Mice and squirrels love the nice dark cozy habitats that old airplane parts create!

6. The new vertical stabilizer spars and ribs were assembled in a fixture duplicating the original dimensions.

7. Test fit of rudder to new vertical stabilizer.

8. Rough laminates for the horizontal spars ready for shaping.

9. The horizontal spars have been given their final shaping and dimensions ready for assembly of ribs in a fixture.

10. Final assembly of the horizontal in the fixture ready for tip skins and leading edge skins to be applied.

11. Tip skins being applied to the horizontal.

12. Leading edge skins being applied to the horizontal.

13. The vertical and horizontal stabilizers being fitted to the airframe.

14. Final fit of the empennage pieces.

15, 16. Confirming gaps and alignments are correct.

If other owners of derelict T 50’s are interested in following our progress or having us help them with their owner produced wooden wings, please feel free to communicate. One thing is for sure, though, there will no longer be any “cheap” Bamboo Bombers!

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