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Welcome to the Big Sky Stearman Website! We have a great record, with more than 40 years experience providing the Stearman owner/operator with services to repair his wooden wings by using owner produced parts and FAA/PMA parts. We are a source for aircraft-quality Douglas Fir wing spars. Come check us out today!

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 FOR SALE: 4-Aileron Stearman Project.

Big Sky 4-Aileron Stearman Project Inventory

This N registered, disassembled project is 98% complete less engine, prop and instruments. There is no major damage and can be renovated with very little repairs or fabrication of parts. The steel and aluminum components need to be stripped, inspected, cad plated where necessary and painted for reinstallation. The rubber components such as hoses, seals and gaskets need to be replaced. Units such as brake cylinders and landing gear seals need to be overhauled.
The project includes a complete four aileron new FAA PMA wing wood kit and four modified duster ailerons that can be altered for the Big Sky Stearman four aileron STC kit which is also included with the project. Big Sky technical consultation will gladly be offered to the purchaser. An inventory follows.

- Stock, straight fuselage frame ready for media blast, inspection and epoxy paint. Some misc. tubing repairs evident.
- 2 seats complete with rails, attachment hardware, seat belts and shoulder harness inertia assemblies.
- 2 control sticks assy’s and associated tubes for elevators and ailerons.
- Front and rear rudder pedal assy’s with control hardware for brake, rudder and tailwheel steering installation.
- Complete control gust lock assy’s.
- Complete trim tab assy’s for the cockpit, the non-reversing actuator, cables and elevator tabs.

- Front and rear throttle assy’s with connecting linkages and firewall bellcrank assy’s. Carb heat control and connecting linkages.
- Front and rear instrument panels and bulkheads with original military compasses, fuel and magneto control linkages. The following instruments would need to be acquired: 2 ea. airspeed, 2 ea. tachometer, 2 ea. engine gauge instruments, 1 ea. magneto switch, 1 ea. fuel valve.
- Original military cockpit lighting for rear cockpit. Original fire extinquisher mounting bracket and outside access door.
- Fuselage caging arches and clamp set. New stringers will need to be purchased and riveted on the arches.
- Complete set of fuselage sheet metal, most reusable, some good for flat patterns. A galvanized firewall needing edge flanging.
- Front and rear windscreens.
- All control cables, most reusable or patterns for new.
- Original parking brake assy’s.

- Complete horizontal, elevators, vertical and rudder with fittings for wires and attachment, good aluminum leading, trailing edges.
- Tim tabs and associated fittings, pulleys and cables.

Landing gear:
- Choice of complete Haliburton or Bendix landing gears with complete stock Bendix wheels and brakes including original brake master cylinders. No tires.
- Complete gear fairings and attach brackets assy’s.
- Complete Steerable tailwheel assembly with a spring shock strut, no

- Complete upper, lower internal hardware set including washers, bolts, drag wires and fittings for the STC’d four aileron configuration. The center section is partially completed with all hardware installed ready for final wood work. Fuel tank has sumps and pattern fuel lines.
- 2 ea. rear, 2 ea. diagonal interplane struts, and 4 ea. center section cabane struts. Will need 2 ea. front interplane struts.
- Pitot tube assy.
- All flying, landing and center section wires with javelins. Includes the third landing wire and fittings.
- Four duster ailerons (modified for non-standard four aileron configuration). Can be easily modified for Big Sky four aileron STC. The modification kit is included. Will need parts for bringing aileron tips back to standard configuration (approx. $1,500.00).

Firewall forward:
- Complete firewall forward components and assy’s for a Lycoming R680 225 hp engine, includes carburetor and electric inertia starter. Does not include an engine and other accessories or propeller.
- Includes air filter and induction components.
- Complete coaming sheet metal panels.
- An optional 300 hp Lycoming motor mount is available but not with necessary components to complete the installation.


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The purchase price outright for the project is $35,000.00.

If we build the project to a customers specifications the pricing is $19,500.00. Completion time would require approximately 8-10 months and approximately 1800 to 2000 man hours at $50.00 hr. Associated costs of engine, prop, instruments, covering supplies, paint and miscellaneous would be approximately $60,000.00.

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