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Welcome to the Big Sky Stearman Website! We have a great record, with more than 40 years experience providing the Stearman owner/operator with services to repair his wooden wings by using owner produced parts and FAA/PMA parts. We are a source for aircraft-quality Douglas Fir wing spars. Come check us out today!

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John Pike, 50 Years in Aviation!

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Big Sky Stearman has been repairing and restoring Stearmans and antique aircraft for over 30 years. It began when Rev. Claude G. Pike brought home a derelict crop-duster in 1977. Claude and his two sons, John and Ted, had always been fascinated by antique aircraft and it was their dream to restore one. Claude, an old wooden boat builder, quickly had a set of wings built for the project. They realized opportunity was knocking and developed the industry that has provided Stearman wood services for so many. Their interest in antique aircraft resulted in the restoration of many aircraft and an interesting collection of projects over the years. Big Sky Stearman continues to prepare for the next generation of Stearman owners as that classic airplane soldiers on.


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