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Big Sky Stearman
1941 Stearman


1941 Stearman A75N1. Serial# 75-592. N/NC58068

Plane is located near Portland, Oregon.

Superb Continental W670-6N, approximately 100 hrs. SMOH by Air Repair. New crankshaft, master rod assembly, cam, cam followers, pistons(!), aircraft cylinders, etc. Virtually the last of its kind. No cobbled together junk with unknown history or hours.

All new wood in wings and center section.

Overhauled main landing gear.

Airwolf oil filter, Brackett air filter. New exhaust collector. Sensenich prop W98AA-66. Redline disc brakes. Diamond tread main tires. Whelen strobes. King KY-97A com, KT-76A transponder.

Painted in the colors of Parks Air College.

N58068 dusted for a couple years after the war (front cockpit hopper; the fuselage is uncut). It then towed banners in the Northeast for about 25 years. Has been in private hands ever since.

Some logbook extracts:

October 1960:
Towed banners over the World Series games in Pittsburgh, including "the greatest Game 7 in World Series history" with Bill Mazerosky's famous 9th-inning homer that won the Series for the Pirates.

August 1963:
Towed a "JFK" banner around Hyannis, MA for several hours.

February 1969:
Towed banner over Lewisburg Federal Prison in PA:
"Happy Birthday Jimmy Hoffa"
Plus skywrote "JRH" with a heart.